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Super Bowl XLII between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots was a huge upset. The Giants won by a score of 17-14 which was a shock to the whole football world since the Pats entered the contest as a 12 point favorite with a perfect season behind them. The Giants were a wild card team that the experts thought didn’t have a chance. This NFL painting of the NJ Giants after the win exemplifies the true elation of the players and the fans after this astounding performance. You don’t need to be a Giants fan to love this NFL art and appreciate the emotion of professional football. Fantasy football fans will love it

New York Giants "Super Bowl XLII"

  • Athlete: Eli Manning, David Tyree, Plaxico Burress
    Artist: David Courson
    Title: "Super Bowl XLII"



    Available Products:

    Officially Licensed canvas prints are available through the Deacon Jones foundation. 
    48" x 48" Original Oil Painting on Canvas - Contact for Pricing


    Canvas Giclée – Fine art canvas giclee prints are museum-quality pieces printed on archival canvas with the industry’s most advanced technology. Prints made through this process result in canvases that are as detailed and richly colored as an original painting. Fade-resistant archival inks and fine-art-grade printing material guarantee a beautifully crafted piece that will endure.


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